What is a real estate fund?

A real estate fund pools capital to invest in real estate, and in this case, specifically development projects. The fund then collects the income and profits earned and passes that onto investors as a return.

Get Your Money Working For You!

Leverage Scott McGillivray and his team’s extensive real estate expertise and network, invest passively alongside him in a portfolio of carefully selected real estate investments. Enter your details for a free Investment Summary and to be contacted by a qualified Dealing Representative.


Simplicity Meets Profitability – Experience the Power of Passive Investing

The Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund is an exclusive opportunity to invest passively alongside Scott McGillivray and his trusted team of real estate professionals in primarily a portfolio of residential development projects focused on key growth areas in Southern Ontario and earn an attractive return while sharing in the development profits. Real estate investing with none of the hands-on work.

The Management Team

The Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund Management team consists of four founding partners with a variety of real estate, development and asset management experience, and accreditations that include CPA, CFA and MBA. The partners have personally experienced the benefits of both active and passive real estate investing and are passionate about helping others build wealth in the space.

The Investment Experience

You can expect a different experience when you invest in the Scott McGillivray Real Estate Fund. Scott and his team have a proven track record and the expertise required to evaluate risk and select profitable opportunities for investors. To us, investors are not just numbers – your satisfaction with your overall experience is of utmost importance, a fact that will be apparent in your interactions with us.

The Investment Process

It’s easy to get started and we’re here to answer your questions every step of the way.

1. Provide your contact information

2. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just beginning, we encourage you to schedule a call with one of our licensed Dealing Representatives, who can answer your questions and provide more information on the fund and investing in Canadian real estate.

3. Complete the documentation

When you decide to invest alongside Scott, we’ll provide you with the documentation required to register you as an investor in the fund.

4. Become an investor

Once your investment has gone through, you’ll be all set to participate in the fund and receive quarterly updates and other news.

Who should invest?

This opportunity is ideal for investors who are passionate about real estate and interested in:

Investing passively in the Southern Ontario real estate market

Generating wealth through real estate development

Diversifying their portfolios beyond active real estate, stocks and bonds

Earning a passive monthly income stream

Why participate?

Scott has proven he is ahead of the curve when it comes to real estate – first he achieved success by investing in a variety of income producing properties, including residential, vacation, rental and commercial properties and projects. Now is your opportunity to invest with someone who has a proven and trusted real estate investment track record and enjoy the benefits of passive real estate investing.

Leverage Scott’s expertise and network
With 20+ years experience in real estate, Scott has built an extensive network of developers and investment industry experts, whom he brought together to structure this opportunity
Strategic sourcing
With a deep understanding of market fundamentals, Scott and his team strategically source profitable off-market deals
Rigorous due diligence
This same team applies institutional-grade due diligence when selecting investments and only considers developers who are proven and trusted

Target annual return of 10%

Ready to Experience the Power of Passive Real Estate Investing?

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to invest alongside Scott McGillivray and his team of trusted real estate professionals. Enter your details for a free Investment Summary and to be contacted by a qualified Dealing Representative.